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Karen Gold, Esq. Obtains $10.4 Million Binding Arbitration Award Against Sovereign Health of California

Karen Gold, Esq. obtained an $10.4 million binding arbitration award in a case against Sovereign
Health of California after a man suffered a significant brain injury due to their negligence.
Zachary Peterson checked into the Sovereign Health rehabilitation center in 2014 after battling
a drug addiction for many years. Before this incident, Zachary had a full and happy life with his
family and many friends. Even as a young person, he was a philanthropist and created
fundraisers for Veterans. However, ultimately in the year before he admitted to Sovereign
Health in San Clemente, his life was in a tailspin and his addiction had become unmanageable.
He was suffering from severe depression along with drug addiction.
While at Sovereign, Zachary suffered a foot injury and was prescribed Tramadol, which he was
allowed to pick up on his own due to the negligence of the staff. Zachary took 60 pills between
the night of November 9th and the morning of November 10th, causing him to have a seizure
and fall to the ground, where he suffered a brain injury and a skull fracture that left him with
injuries that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. The rehabilitation center was found
to be negligent for allowing a patient to have access to medications and failing to advise the
physicians of the situation.

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